Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Domination of Japanese Brands in Vietnam on Google

Well...I dont have subscription access to business databases nor can afford to purchase the detailed numbers of revenues and marketshare of the different international brands in the Vietnam marketplace. However, I am really intrigued by how these different brands are pitted against one another.

Google Trends application is the answer to my solution. It's totally free. The results are just as insightful and eye-catching as any expensive market research reports that cost several thousand dollars.

What is Google Trends ? It's an tool created by Google to help (initially) webmasters to observe keyword search volume over time. It allows you to compare up to 5 key search phrases by showing comparative trend lines over time of each search phrase. The trend line is the ratio of the number of search to the total number of search of a specific search phrase, for example, the ratio of the number of search in Vietnam versus the total number of search in the entire world. The key here is to extract the relationships between search phrases to answer a certain business question.

I have chosen 2 main categories: computer and cars. These items are definitely affordable or within the reach of the Vietnamese consumers who are computer-savvy, Internet-friendly and most likely to use search engines.

In the computer category I have entered the following search phrases: sony, toshiba,dell,acer. Sony and Toshiba are Japansese brands. Dell is from the USA. Acer is from Taiwan.

Below is the result that Google Trends has returned. Sony (the blue line in the Search Volume section) has been dominating since the inception of Google but it's a declining trend as other brands from USA and Taiwan have joined the Vietnam marketplace. The combination of 'sony' and 'toshiba' are probably 3-4 times higher than the other search phrases (dell,acer).

It's the same story for the search phrases in the car category. Toyota stands out as the most popular search phrase. The search volume for the other brands (American and German) is non-existing until the middle of the 2007.

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