Friday, April 11, 2008

Web 2.0 and Online Marketing Blogs for Vietnam Marketplace

It's been a hectic week on the professional and personal fronts. Finally I have found a little time to squeeze a post about some of the most popular and authoritative blogs written by 5 Vietnamese guys who dissect the Web 2.0 and online marketing trends in Vietnam. They have put together enough materials to teach a course in Web 2.0 developments in Vietnam. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and opinions. -- Very informative blog. Unfortunately, it is in Vietnamese only. Owned by Vu Hong Quang. The guy dropped out of college to start his own marketing business. His articles reflect the immerse knowledge and depth in understanding of the trends of Web 2.0 in Vietnam. -- Comprehensive blog that covers a variety of online phenomena and issues in Viet Nam. Most of the materials are in English. There are a few snippets of Vietnamese here and there. It should not stop non-Vietnamese readers from grasping the information. -- A true online marketing practitioner. Chandler Nguyen is working in Singapore as a search engine marketing pro. His writings allow us to peek into the SEM world in Southeast Asia. -- Informative blog about venture capitalist activities and trends of Web 2.0 start-ups in Viet Nam. -- Tan Nguyen works on his blog from Hanoi, Vietnam. His blog is intended for Vietnamese only. Many of his articles are translated versions of international news sources.

If you know of some other great blogs please send them my way.


Quoc Cuong said...

Khong biet cai blog nao xin ve van de nay nhung muon social bookmark cai bai nay cua anh ma khong kiem hoai khong thay co cach nao het ! Anh không muon duoc biet den nhieu a ???

Steve Chinh Hoang said...

Hello Quoc Cuong,
Di nhien la anh muon duoc biet den nhieu de mo rong them quan he chia se kien thuc ve linh vuc nay. Neu em co ban lam viec trong linh vuc nay thi gui email cho ho gioi thieu blog cua anh. Cam on em truoc. Anh co tu gioi thieu blog cua minh tai cac forum va cac trang web xa hoi.

Chinh Hoang

Quoc Cuong said...

Cong ty em co minh em lam SEO va dang tuyen them SEOer voi Online marketing ma em kiem khong ra mot mong nao day. Boi vay dang ban tui bui ma van phai di dao blog kiem nguoi. Ke ra gap blog cua anh cung la co duyen! Anh co quen marketer nao o Vietnam dang ranh rang thi chi giup !!! ^_^