Saturday, April 19, 2008

Looking for Marketing Jobs in Vietnam on the Internet

Vietnam economy has grown 8%-10% in the last five years. FDI is pouring into the country at an unprecedented rate. Foreign companies open factories and offices in the main cities to break into the potentially lucrative 80+ million market. Despite a population of over 80 million people there is a serious problem that is staring at the companies: the dearth of qualified marketing professionals. It is not only the marketing field that is fighting over a small number of qualified applicants. All other fields are suffering from the same problem. Large multi-national companies with deep pockets and long-term vision are addressing the issue by implementing strategies to train and build up their own middle management ranks among the locals.

There is a great opportunity for expats and overseas Vietnamese to offer their services and get a chance to work in an exciting emerging economy. I know that there are complaints among those who are interested about the access to information of the job market in Vietnam. You can do 2 things.

1. The first option is only for the adventurous believers. You can pack your clothes and fly directly to Vietnam. The headquarter of most of the international companies are in Saigon, Vietnam. You can go directly to some of the companies and ask for the HR manager to set up an interview. Personally, I know some people who have landed their jobs that way. However, the pay usually may not be that great since you may be considered as locals and paid accordingly.

2. The second smarter and safer alternative is to search for the jobs from where you are. It gives you ample time and space to negotiate. Being hired outside of Vietnam will provide you with an expat salary and better conditions on the contract.
I have compiled a list of Vietnamese online job search sites. I hope that these sites will help you speed up your job search or answer some of the questions that you have about the labor market in Vietnam. Online job sites are still relatively new in Vietnam. Most of the people in Vietnam are usually hired through the contacts in their social and professional networks. Dont be surprised or disappointed by the low number of job postings on the sites. Most of the sites have less than 5000 job postings. Be prepared to upload your picture or provide your age as part of the job application process. It's just part of the traditions of the Vietnamese hiring procedures.

Online Job Sites: -- Job aggregator site. Last time I reviewed the site there was more than 30,000 postings. The site aggregates all the postings from various job search sites. -- This site was founded by an American entrepreneur. The number of jobs is still hovering around 5000. This site serves international companies in Vietnam. The job applicants are usually required to provide resume in English. -- Job portal for Southeast Asia. Lots of Asian companies look for English-speaking candidates to promote their business in Vietnam. -- Monster is very strong in the USA but it is still very weak in Vietnam. The number of postings is very low (in the hundreds). -- Mainly for local Vietnamese companies and candidates. -- Mainly for local Vietnamese companies and candidates. -- Mainly for local Vietnamese companies and candidates.

You can also test your opportunities with international executive headhunter agencies. Both are located in Sagon, Vietnam.

Executive Headhunters:

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